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Mental Health Counselor/Therapist for Emotional Support Animal LettersESAD - New York, NY
posted 30+ days ago
Adult Emotional Support Animal Assessments/Counseling
Orders, Contract, PRN
New York, NY

ESAD, an Internet-based order and marketing service company, is actively seeking Master’s Level+ Level Licensed Mental Health Professionals to provide New York, NY-based emotional support animal-related services (assessments and therapeutic counseling) for adults.

Candidate must be fluent in English.

This PRN position is to join our order network. You are not being hired by ESAD.

Our services are currently under development, the market space is highly competitive, ESA laws are rapidly changing (tightening) across the land, so please expect a minimal amount of orders to start .

We have a very advanced, super-smooth process, with well-defined protocols, detailed training, and expert assistance.

Our telemedicine-based client orders will be strictly located within your region. We will not refer clients to out-of-state therapists.

NOTE: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or require supervision to provide counseling services, you cannot be a provider with us. Also, we are unable to accept substance abuse counselors, occupational therapists, school counselors, registered nurses, career counselors, religious counselors, and business coaches (unless they have an additional license as a therapist).

Job functions

Based on Jeffrey N. Younggren, Cassandra L. Boness, Leisl M. Bryant, and Gerald P. Koocher ‘s “Professional Psychology: Research and Practice Emotional Support Animal Assessments: Toward a Standard and Comprehensive Model for Mental Health Professionals,” the following guidelines will be used to conduct emotional support animal assessments:

The mental health professional must be able to understand, recognize, and apply the laws that regulate emotional support animals. ESAD offers a wealth of experience and online-training in this area.

The mental health professional should conduct a thorough assessment of the individual requesting an emotional support animalcertification in order to establish a disability and disability-related need.

A necessary component of the comprehensive disability assessment includes an evaluation of malingering.

The mental health professional should consider if the animal in question is capable of performing the functions of an emotionalsupport animal.

The mental health professional should assess the interaction of the client with the animal to determine whether the animal’spresence has a demonstrably beneficial effect on the patient.

Additionally, the following apply:
Offer therapeutic care (sessions) when purchased.

Provide Emotional Animal Support Letters of Recommendation.

Maintain accurate client documentation.

Documents all client contact and activity in an accurate, professional and timely manner.


We use a CDT-like billing process. You’re compensated by the hour.

Master’s level therapists are compensated $

Doctorate level clinicians earn $

Psychotherapist education and experience requirements

An individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

Masters Degree in Mental Health counseling or social work from an accredited school.

Minimum of two years unsupervised experience in social work or counseling position.

Excellent communication skills.

Must be 18 years or older.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Commitment to ESAD’s philosophy and mission.

Ability to interact with the public and other employees positively and promote a cooperative working environment.

Computer literacy required with proficiency in word processing and computer applications.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Must be able to hear and speak for telephone and general communication.

Ability to handle sensitive information, maintains confidentiality, and coordinates several projects at the same time.

Consistently able to work calmly and maintain effectiveness in situations of high stress.

Embodies principles of ESAD’s Code of Conduct at all times.

Complies with Code of Conduct in all relationships with clients and staff members.

Adheres to the Code of Conduct in all daily activities and decisions ensuring that ethical standards and applicable laws and regulation are met.

Maintains the policy of confidentiality.

Also required

Current license and insurance (if required by your State board).

Compassionate and caring demeanor.

Excellent time management skills.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

About ESAD

We’re a global-minded, innovative startup looking to drive positive change and solve social problems with the use of technology.

We are committed to creating a world that works for everyone.

We are on a mission to improve the online mental health care business using cutting edge technology.

Operating with the strictest ethical and professional standards, ESAD’s motivated to help individuals in need of mental health care therapy.

We set a very high standard for ourselves and demand the same from our contracted team members.

Consistently, we give back to our community.

Ethics matter to us – a lot.

We are built on the old school principles of the golden rule, treating everyone with respect and dignity, and being accountable for our words and actions. Learn more about our ethics and ethos .

Professional Community Support

Member, American Mental Health Counselors Association (54568015).

Member, American Counseling Association (6513039).

Member, National Association of Social Workers (886784059).

Our job listings are usually only posted for a few days at a time, as the response to our recruitment efforts is usually overwhelming. Please allow us a couple of weeks to process and onboard our new team members.

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